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              The essence of company culture (sincerity, honesty, gratitude, courage)

              -- To associate with people require soul communication and sincerity;

              -- To work with honesty heart;

              -- Be willing to present appreciation and give back to others;

              -- Dare to take responsibility.

              Company’s vision (to be the most respected auto equipment manufacturing company)

              -- To develop the company's business in the long-term, and develop with the relevant community of the company in harmony.

              --Take the national interest as our duty.

              -- To be proud and pursue the respect of users, employees and suppliers.

              Company’s mission (to improve the manufacturing level of China's automobile industry through the manufacture of automobile equipment)

              -- To the customer - Providing the highest quality and efficient service, exceeding the customer's expectations.

              -- To shareholders -- in return for good profit.

              -- To employee – Providing a good working environment, provide satisfying remuneration and benefits as best as possible, mean while creating training and promotion opportunities for employees.

              -- To society - in return to society with a positive attitude and supporting the public welfare of the society.

              -- To partner – benefit sharing, sincere cooperation and mutual development.

              Corporate values (integrity, commitment, cooperation, innovation)

              -- To have morality first, and keep to be justice, integrity, honest and trustworthy.

              -- Responsibility is the first requirement for good work; continuously pursue professional work style, constantly strengthen the professional work quality; There is a strong sense of responsibility, an outstanding ability to take responsibility, and a character that is willing to take responsibility.

              -- Team excellence can truly achieve individual excellence, and harmonious development of environment is the foundation of business development. Take initiative and focus on the overall interests, thus creating excellent team performance; Take a long view, broad mind, pursue excellent cooperation.

              -- Innovation is an excellent way to work and a great life belief. In the way, method, content, always seek better solution, keep improving, seek better achievement level; Continuously stimulate individual creativity, with comprehensive technology, management, business model innovation, promote the company's continuous growth.

              CCDZ Changchun Home base

              ??Contact: Miss. Wu Si??

              Mobile No.+86-(0)-15143005355

              Email : si.wu@ccdzee.com


              Branch Office

              Contact: Mr. Zhang Junhao

              Mobile No.+86-(0)-18043118330


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              Changchun Dazheng Bocame Automotive Equipment Co., Ltd. (CCDZ)

              Technical support 長春天億科技
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